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Re: transmission (was "Digital Dark Age")

In a message dated 2/12/99 6:07:46 AM Pacific Standard Time, brownjm@MUSC.EDU

<<   However, that stored only on
 computer generated media, I think, will be less complete than most.  Partly
 because most of those most knowledgeable about computers are not pack rats.

I am a strong believer in the usefulness of CD-ROM information storage for the
reason that it allows the most complete collection of raw information. In
writing a book on the Crosman Arms "160" Pellgun the book itself was 140
pages, but on the companion reference CD-ROM I was able to include all the
relevant data I used, every single bit, on about half the storage capability
of one CD-ROM and to top it off all everything was in full color on the CD-
ROM. I made the CD available to interested parties for a nonimal amount. Now,
I know that the complete reference library of work that went into this book is
distributed by caring interested people around the world.  That is real
comprehensive preservation.

And where did you get the novel idea that computer geeks aren't pat rats?
dt fletcher

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