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Re: NPR's info on U. of Pa.undergrad lib.,Digital Dark Age

On Fri, 12 Feb 1999, DT Fletcher wrote:

> In a message dated 2/12/99 6:52:38 AM Pacific Standard Time, cjones@SFASU.EDU
> writes:
> <<  One may check out a lap-top to access materials.  I
>  think this is the most mis-guided action since the Inquisition. I get
>  headaches just thinking about trying to read a short story or essay on a
>  monitor.  >>
> Then buy yourself a printer.
> dt fletcher
As a librarian in an academic environment, I unfortunately throw out reams
of unwanted printed items from electronic journals.  I hope someone does a
study of this soon, because it seems to me that more paper/trees are going
to waste now then before the electronic database.  Sure its so easy
as dt fletcher so clearly points out: 'Can't read it on the screen so
just print it out.' I too am sometimes guilty of this.  And sometimes the
printing is free so its even easier than making a photocopies like we use
to. So, the students just point and click away.  They can't even take the
time to read and focus on an abstract to be sure the article is really of
interest to their research.

Instead of saying: "Then buy yourself a printer." I say, then visit your
public library and insure their future.

Tricia Perito

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