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Re: transmission (was "Digital Dark Age")

>  However, that stored only on
>computer generated media, I think, will be less complete than most.  Partly
>because most of those most knowledgeable about computers are not pack rats.
And this is why I transfer some of my e-mail to word-processor file,
reformat it to fit on pages, print it on a laser printer (because I believe
a thread we had recently indicated that was the most likely to last a long
time) on acid-free paper, and hand bind it in bindings that (to the best of
my beginners knowledge/skill) will last for decades or centuries.

I'd hate for those e-mail chain letters to not be accessable to my
grandchildren ;-)

                    Malcolm T. Upton
 8901 Normandale #1004  Ft. Worth, TX 76116
        817/560-2316  malcolm@uptons.net
Much can be said about how a man answers:
"Would you rather know the sound of a standing ovation
or the clapping of a single hand?"

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