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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

In a message dated 2/12/99 1:37:43 PM Pacific Standard Time, dmac@BWAY.NET

<< This is a serious problem. To ignore it, or to try to say it doesn't
 exist, is shortsighted and historically unsound. There won't always
 be punched cards. There won' always be 9 track tapes. And there
 won't always be 386-architecture PCs that can read today's particular
 kind of removable CD-ROM media.


         David Macfarlane. >>

Sorry Dave, you are making basically the same logical error as the others. You
reiterate a list of technologies that have become obsolete and then leap to
the conclusion that therefore all technologies must become obsolete with
absolutely no basis for it. Some technologies have remained with us since
their invention and no doubt will continue to be used as long as modern
civilization exists.

 Computers will continue to exist in one form or another for a very long time.
In fact, I think we can agree that computers in the future will be very much
more powerful than today. Yet, for some reason you seem to believe that the
computers of tommorow will be so dim, stupid and inflexible that they won't be
able to run Windows  if they wanted to.

The issue of technological obsolence was one, actually THE, reason for the
adoption of the IBM clone and Intel 386 technology.  Was it the best? No. But,
everyone (sorry MAC people) decided that this was the one and away it goes.
Computer technologly will continue to evolve and grow, but no general business
computer of the future can possibly suceed without being IBM PC clone
compatable.   The very interesting part of this, other than unfortunately
making Billy Gates the richest person in the world, is that it guarentees us a
clear communication channel to the future.

With a compatable future computer system assured the only question will be if
the people of the future will be interested in what we put on our CD-ROMs.
That they will be able to read and view what we put on them is without
dt fletcher

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