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Re: Travelling to London

By way of reply to this inquiry I ask the group, what about Philip Smith in
England? Is his work currently or permanently being displayed somewhere? Mr.
Crombie may enjoy seeing it.

KT Pardue
WhiteRiver Studio

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Subject: Travelling to London

Sorry to use this list to make my personal travel plans, but I've decided
on short notice to go to London for about ten days at the end of this month
-- what should a book artist check out? Are there galleries, bookstores,
museums of particular note? What about distribution networks or people I
should meet about perhaps getting my work shown?

(Just FYI, I'm a Montreal artist whose work has been shown in
non-commercial galleries and is part of the permanent collection of the
National Library of Quebec. My work is pretty conceptual and among other
things is preoccupied with the idea of a book as a piece of cultural
technology. It's also fun.)

Thanks to anyone who can direct me to interesting stuff.

Kevin Crombie                              e-mail: kcrombie@dsuper.net
#5 - 224 boul. Saint-Joseph est     voice: (514) 849-7601
Montreal, QC   H2T 1H6

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