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Re: Digital Books (Was "Digital Dark Age")

In a message dated 2/15/99 8:18:33 AM, you wrote:

<<Since we're on the subject of digital technologies, how do all of you feel
about the uses of hypertext and purely digital books, ie created and
viewable only in a digital media.>>

My response to this is that, like computers themselves, they are inherently
classist (and, by extension, often racist). Fine, if your intended audiance is
small, highly educated and relatively rich; not so great if you desire to
communicate with a large and diverse populace. Personally, what I have always
loved about books is their portability and their (relative) democracy. Though
it is true that even literacy is a class issue (see "Central Station" the new
film from Brazil, if you question this assertion), it is less so than
technologies that require even more investment of time and resources. I'm sure
there will be rather strong response to my position, and after the current
heated debate (Peter, I thought the horse was dead a long time ago), I feel I
should apologize in advance to the list. Barbara Harman

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