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Stropping- alternatives to Chromeglantz

Recently I tried to order a tube of Chromeglantz from Bookmakers, which
is used to dress a strop.  They said that they have had difficulty in getting it
from the manufacturer.  Instead they have sent a paste called something
like Pflegepaste which according to the salesperson at Bookmaker's,
scratched a customer's knife blade.  Too bad, Chromeglantz worked so well.

I should think that there could be a reasonable substitute.   Does anyone
have any suggestions?  I remember a knife shop in Boston (which I now
forget the name) sold a type of stropping compound that was used for the
old style "cut throat" razor strop.  I thinkit had pumice in it- which may
well have been the same ingredient in Chromeglantz.  I have tried some
types of polishes, rouge etc, but it's not the same.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Jake Benson

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