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Re: Digital Books (Was "Digital Dark Age")

Peter - I really hate to do this, but I have to take exception with your

>There will always be the have and have nots.

so we should just accept that the rich are getting richer and the poor are
getting poorer? spoken, needless to say, by a "have"

>Some will work to move up the food chain, others will go down. Sometimes it
is fate, other
>times not.

so the implication is that you can *work* your way out of poverty? Maybe so,
but I just spent the day with three papermakers from San Pablito who craft
amate paper. Neither hard work nor fate has allowed them to gain access to
the infrastructure or equipment that would allow them to enjoy a digital

The fact that digital "books" would not be available to those without
adequate resources seems like a simple fact, not a value judgement.

just my .02

p.s. The Otomi artists will be at Crow's Shadow Institute on the Umatilla
Indian Reservation in Eastern Oregon until tomorrow, (2/16) They have
beautiful amate paper for sale, both in a range of natural colors and with
pigments that create incredible cloud like patterns. I'd be happy to send
some to anyone interested if you let me know before they leave town - $5.00
for natural colors, $6.00 for the pigmented sheets (undetermined pH) plus
what ever it costs to ship. From here they are headed to University of
Oregon in Eugene, OR - if you're in the area, I would highly recommend
taking in the workshop.


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