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Re: Digital Books

I joined the Book Arts list recently and caught the last threads of this
conversation. Perhaps you've already discussed "e-books" before, but maybe not,
since the recent "Digital Dark Age" conversation didn't seem to mention them.

>From what I've been reading, books will not be preserved on CD-ROM, but most
likely on servers all over the world. "E-books" are the wave of the future.

There are several companies developing a e-books. They promise you'll be able to
download texts from web sources and view them in any font, any size you like. You
can store tens of thousands of works, annotate pages with a "virtual pencil", even
print the entire thing out. Below are some links with photos of the new "books."
Brave new world?

Julie Bernatz
Santa Monica, CA


Vickie Wen wrote:

> It is interesting to note that at one point in time a rumor was running about
> that the computer would "replace" books.  The printed page would no longer be
> needed due to the "easy" access of the computer.
> Have you looked at one of the fastest growing internet stocks lately?
> Amazon.com!  People are rushing to the computer to buy back the printed page .
> . . and buy and buy and buy and buy . . .
> Enjoying being able to buy books at midnight,
> Vickie Wen
> Sunnyvale, CA
> WriteCards@aol.com

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