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Re: Digital Books

Dear Julie,

Tried connecting to all three sites -- all say no url -- are you sure
they're correct?  Or, maybe they're not up yet?

B Rogers

> I joined the Book Arts list recently and caught the last threads of this
> conversation. Perhaps you've already discussed "e-books" before, but maybe
> not, since the recent "Digital Dark Age" conversation didn't seem to
> mention them.
> >From what I've been reading, books will not be preserved on CD-ROM, but
> >most
> likely on servers all over the world. "E-books" are the wave of the
> future.
> There are several companies developing a e-books. They promise you'll be
> able to download texts from web sources and view them in any font, any
> size you like. You can store tens of thousands of works, annotate pages
> with a "virtual pencil", even print the entire thing out. Below are some
> links with photos of the new "books." Brave new world?
> Julie Bernatz
> Santa Monica, CA
> http://www.teleread.org/
> http://www.ub2.lu.se/NNC/libconf-archive/0046.html
> http://www.promo.net/pg/
> Vickie Wen wrote:
> > It is interesting to note that at one point in time a rumor was running
> > about that the computer would "replace" books.  The printed page would
> > no longer be needed due to the "easy" access of the computer.
> >
> > Have you looked at one of the fastest growing internet stocks lately?
> > Amazon.com!  People are rushing to the computer to buy back the printed
> > page . . . and buy and buy and buy and buy . . .
> >
> > Enjoying being able to buy books at midnight,
> >
> > Vickie Wen
> > Sunnyvale, CA
> > WriteCards@aol.com

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