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Re: Digital Books

Dear fellow bookies,

I know that others have said this, but let me reiterate:  there is
nothing quite like the joy of holding a book in your hand -- of turnng
the pages (evening turning down the corners, nasty habit though it
is) -- of having the book in your library, being able to take it down,
refer to it -- even newspapers, such as the NY Times, available on
the web, are limited -- and I don't think it's purely a matter of getting
used to the technology -- there is a palpable, senuous thrill to a
book, especially a beautiful book, but even old, beat-up paperbacks
hold pleasure.  I have a very large library, cultivated over many
years, and it gives me great joy to have a question and be able to
walk to the shelf for the answer -- the pleasure in looking up
something in a book, being led to something else, in that book or
another book -- I know the web has that, to a degree, with its hot
buttons and links but. . . what can I say, I love books.

However, I must also note that the internet has been highly useful
to me (I live in a rural area), especially in the area of the book arts
because our libraries hold very little in those areas (and we have
three colleges nearby--none with a fabulous library, esp. in the
arts).  And I am one of those web book buyers -- Amazon and
Barnes and Noble are lifesavers to people whose only bookstores
are poorly equipped college bookstores and the Walden store in
the mall (To get to a good bookstore here, we have to go two
hours).  I wouldn't have known about the ABCEdarium Exhibit and
book (which I've ordered) without this terrific list.  What can I say?
Can't the two cohabit, happily ever after?

Bertha Rogers

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