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Re: Stropping- alternatives to Chromeglantz

I've been using micro-finishfilms put out by 3M, and love them.  They are
very consistently graded in 15, 5, and .5 micron grits and bonded to mylar.
In fact, when I first looked at the .5 sheet I had a little difficulty
telling which was the abrasive side and which was the mylar! (BTW, most
polishing compounds are around the .5 micron range)  They can be used dry or
with water or oil.  I usually glue a third of a sheet to a sheet of glass.
I find them not as messy as water stones, and you don't have to flatten
them.  They can also be glued to shaped pieces of wood to sharpen odd shaped
blades.  Many woodworking supply catalogues seem to carry them.

jeff peachey

At 05:03 AM 2/16/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I've used ordinary jeweler's rouge for years with excellent results
>(indeed, bought an early chunk of it at BookMakers when Velletri owned
>the place). I tried Chromeglantz and didn't like the way the liquid
>medium soaked my stropping board. (the petroleum odor was also
>suspicious -- does it have an effect on the leather strop?)  I ended
>up using it to polish the Calphalon... If the choice is between an
>abrasive compound and jeweler's rouge, perhaps the latter, stropping a
>little more frequently while paring, is best.
>Don Pollock
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