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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

Noentheless, it is an important discussion because it's an entire library
-- not a rare book room, not a "high demand" list of titles; it's an entire
library of books that may or may not be in disrepair.  Further, as
preservationists, would you rather preserve digitally or continue to, in
part, preserve, rebind, and generally work with paper?  Is an entire field
of preservation specialists ready to have their skills "upgrade" to the
digital?  The social consequences go hand in hand with preservation
questions; and I definitely speak as someone who uses computers a lot; in
artwork (multimedia/video/film), at work (computer instructional
tech./webmaster) and for at home (research, internet).  I still like books
better, at the root of all of this.
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>It is of course a good idea-to decentralize information/knowledge. Since we
>have no guarantee of what will work-we struggle along and put in place what we
>do know today using the available technology. All this talk of classist/racist
>is not focusing on the goal- which, I believe, is to preserve what we can with
>what we now have available.

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