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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

I think I buy the notion that computerization of library resources
is--practically--racist and classist, though I'll have to chew it over a
while longer before I'm certain that it's inevitably so, but those thinking
about such issues should consider a related aspect as well.

Although this has little to do with library collections per se and little
or nothing to do with the book arts, the development of technology (radio
transmitters and receivers, fax machines, the internet) has proven
especially problematic to the world's dictators and oligarchs.

I'm not suggesting that high technology WILL level the playing field and
democratize the world, but it has the potential to HELP us move in that
direction. Seems to me that Radio Free Europe's role in bringing jazz to
Eastern bloc nations and the internet's role in bringing uncensored news
to, say, the Chinese might be good things.

It would be nice if technological developments could loosen the
stranglehold on information and power enjoyed by despots, who are attracted
by the allure of wealth and development as offered by technology but can't
seem to control the genie in the bottle.

Just a thought.

John Lansingh Bennett

Lake Land College                       Coffee Break Studio
5001 Lake Land Blvd.                    611 South Lynn
Mattoon, IL  61938                      Champaign, IL 61820

(217) 234-5312                  (217) 359-3414

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