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Re: Digital Books (Was "Digital Dark Age")

Chris Palmer wrote:

> I honestly can't understand how you can say this. A very respectable
> computer costs under $1,000 these days, and the used market is in the
> low
> hundreds. Many libraries have free computers with internet access,
> internet
> access cost from free (freenets) to perhaps $40/mnth for high speed
> cable
> modem.

What percentage of the world population makes greater than $1000 a year?
What part of the world do these people live in? What is the basis of
class distinction? Generally, how does one jump most class barriers?

What percentage of the world has access to a library, with a phone, with
internet access?

What percentage of the world population has $2 to $40 a month disposable
income for such things as internet or even telephone access? Even the
civilized country of France runs on a per call basis, whether or not the
access service is free

What happens when the software needed to access the increased demands of
internet infrastructure is incompatible with the free obsolete cpu's we
westerners give away?

What is the driving force behind computer improvement? Where does
advancement  in computer science take place? WHo can afford the latest and
greatest technologies?

Rob Buchert
Tryst Press

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