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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

Just Imagine, the conversation in the corporate board room.

  We do have the technology today to scrap the 386 PC and replace it with
something better. But do you think I am going to tell you what it is so
that you can take it and copyright it and put it on the market, no. Mr.
Fletcher is convinced and he is one of our best advocates. Lets send him
and his whole town to Disney for a month.

  We are going to keep selling the current medium (including CD-rom)
until one day the market starts to slow down little too much and then - -
- when everybody has their data (stuff) on CD-rom because you convinced
them it would be around forever.  Everyone conceivable has bought at
least one of the current PC setups.  Then and not before will we release
something better  - not to update it but to replace it. Because hundreds
of millions of them sold. Why not do it again.

  Someone once said that crow doesn't get any better when it is cold.

  Someone else said that - better to be thought a fool than to speak up
and remove all doubt.

Calvin C.

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