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Re: Future communication, was "Digital Dark Age"

In a message dated 2/16/99 2:53:40 PM Pacific Standard Time,
battlerl@CADVISION.COM writes:

<< >The only assumption that I am making is that the civilization in the far
 >future will be at least as technologically advanced as we are today.

 Well that, to my mind, is a big flaw in your arguments. If there is a
 collapse of civilizatiion, the books in a library will probably be readable
 and be used by the survivors to regain some of the lost knowledge. The
 CD-ROMs (or their replacements) will *not* be usable.

 Fred >>

When civilizations collapse one of the first things the barbarians do is burn
the libraries.   Note well - Alexandria library 84 B.C., Berlin 1934.

Since I am not suggesting that CD-ROM should be used as a replacement for
books, rather among other tasks that they be used as a secondary backup, the
"big flaw" you describe just doesn't  exist.  The apparent flaw in your
thinking is that this is an either or situation. CD-ROMs or Books. No such
nonsense is being advocated from here. I love books as much as anyone on this
forum, however, I love the information even more. Without the information
contained within, books are of no more use or lovable than t-paper.

dt fletcher

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