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Re: Belief systems; was CD-ROM

In a message dated 2/16/99 5:35:58 AM Pacific Standard Time, tcl@TELEPORT.COM

<< Mr. Fletcher is convinced of his stance, and I would be the last one to
 call that stance into question.  It is not my place, because I do not have
 the requisite expertise.

 But I do have time-in-grade in the business of restoring the accumulated
 knowledge of days-gone-by, as do many of the readers of this listserv.

 Our collective experience stands against his assertions.

 Copernicus once stood against the accumulated wisdom of his day.

 In the 20th century a Pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church conceded that
 Copernicus was right, and that the earth did, in fact, revolve around the

Thanks for this great comment. I in fact now have a pretty good idea how
Copernicus felt when his most vocal critics asserted that his problem was that
he just didn't have a proper understanding of Aristole and the Bible.
dt fletcher

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