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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

On 2/16/99 13:40 John Lansingh Bennett said:

>I'm not suggesting that high technology WILL level the playing field and
>democratize the world, but it has the potential to HELP us move in that
>direction. Seems to me that Radio Free Europe's role in bringing jazz to
>Eastern bloc nations and the internet's role in bringing uncensored news
>to, say, the Chinese might be good things.
>It would be nice if technological developments could loosen the
>stranglehold on information and power enjoyed by despots, who are attracted
>by the allure of wealth and development as offered by technology but can't
>seem to control the genie in the bottle.

On the other hand that same technology makes it easier to monitor
communications; including intercepting international communications and
computer searching for words and phrases of interest, as at least on
nation is known to do. It also makes keeping track of the citizens and
their activities. Consider the amount of information a credit bureau, for
example, can amass about an individual, then think what it could do if it
had, say, Saddam Hussein's secret police feeding it information.

Paul Baechler

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