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Re: Future communication, was "Digital Dark Age"

Paul Baechler wrote:

> On 2/16/99 18:55 DT Fletcher said:
> >When civilizations collapse one of the first things the barbarians do is burn
> >the libraries.   Note well - Alexandria library 84 B.C., Berlin 1934.
> The library of Alexandria was destroyed in A.D. 640. It was destroyed by
> the Moslem forces that invaded and conquered the area, not because they
> were barbarians but because it was a barbarian, ungodly, pagan
> institution.
> Paul Baechler
> pbaechle@bellsouth.net

If only those who sacked Alexandria had realized how much of their own history and
culture had been preserved within those library walls....  Unfortunately most
human beings are inclined to burn first and ask questions later.  :-(


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