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Re: "Digital Dark Age" -Reply

>>> Mark Handel <handel=40SI.UMICH.EDU> 02/16/99 09:09pm >>>
DT Fletcher wrote:
 What about the next step? How do
we preserve the knowledge of how the content is encoded, and how to play
it back?

I don=27t know how to answer this. I=27d be interested in what people =

back here again - old songs - good intro
=DC   1=DD  Eco, Umberto.  Ricerca della lingua perfetta nella cultura =
        English  The search for the perfect language / Umberto Eco ;=20
        translated by James Fentress.  Oxford, UK ; Cambridge, Mass., USA =
        Blackwell, 1995.  DLC  OCLC: 30814610  In IAC

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