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Re: Future communication, was "Digital Dark Age" -Reply

>>> bertha kay rogers <bkrogers@CATSKILL.NET> 02/17/99 09:43am
HUZZAH!  HUZZAH!  HUZZAH!  You're right, Sam!

Bertha Rogers
what about a library of child pornography or a personal video collection
of a serial murderer?

> Anyone who burns any library qualifies as barbarian in my
> opinion.
> Sam Lanham
> >The library of Alexandria was destroyed in A.D. 640. It was
destroyed by
> >the Moslem forces that invaded and conquered the area, not because
> >were barbarians but because it was a barbarian, ungodly, pagan
> >institution.
> Sam Lanham (slanham@hctc.net)

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