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Re: Foil Stamping Question

>A quick question from one who is clueless:
>Can a polymer plate be used for hot stamping, or must the die be brass
>or other high-temp metal? A student is interested in making two dummy
>copies of a book with a unique foil-stamped title on the cover and spine,
>and would rather avoid the expense of having a brass die made if
>Thanks for your help!
>Chris - THGA

Checked with a letter press printer.  He says they do make ploymer plates
for hot fiol stamping.  He can't remember the exact designation either HX
or MX.  He says the someone by the name Gene Beckman on the letter press
list has the answers and also sold the plates.  He also said he could
provide Gene's e-mail address but not until tomorrow.  I'll post it when I
get it.


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