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Re: "Digital Dark Age" -Reply

In a message dated 2/17/99 7:32:24 AM Pacific Standard Time,
jrininge@WPPOST.DEPAUL.EDU writes:

<< DT Fletcher wrote:
  What about the next step? How do
 we preserve the knowledge of how the content is encoded, and how to play
 it back?

 I don=27t know how to answer this. I=27d be interested in what people =
 think. >>

I never wrote the statement above, but the answer to how the knowledge of how
the content is encoded is contained in a series of technical specifications
called "books" There is Red Book for CD-ROMs and Orange Book for CD-R's and
several other "books" these are open public specifications and are the
reference standard for the entire CD industry.
dt fletcher

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