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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

>On 2/16/99 13:40 John Lansingh Bennett said:
>On the other hand that same technology makes it easier to monitor
>communications; including intercepting international communications and
>computer searching for words and phrases of interest, as at least on
>nation is known to do. It also makes keeping track of the citizens and
>their activities. Consider the amount of information a credit bureau, for
>example, can amass about an individual, then think what it could do if it
>had, say, Saddam Hussein's secret police feeding it information.
Not too many years ago, a similar scenario was painted for spy sattelites
ability to see "everything" that happens on the face of the earth.
Unfortunately the sheer size of the task makes that practically impossible.
With spy sattelite images, everyone in the US would have to be a part time
analyst (a few hours a day) for the US to track everything that happens on
every square mile of the earth.

If a bureau tried to feed all the information that is accessable on everyone
into a single database, they would need thousands if not millions of people
just to feed the monster.  That's before you start trying to get anything
out of it.  If anything, the explosion of data makes it easier for the
individual to "hide in the noise."

Just my opinion

                    Malcolm T. Upton
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