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Re: "Digital Dark Age"

dt fletcher writes:
>today there is an installed base of over 100 million machines that can read
>a CD-ROM.  Tommorow there will be millions more.  Folks - an installed
>base of this size changes things.

How about the black and white TV set? There was millions around the world,
some time ago, and now it's garbage. And the color TV will follow, after
they put the standart High Definition TV on the market. There is no way of
thinking that they will not change technologies only because 500 millions
have a machine, when there's 6 billion people out there...

Even considering the CD a very good idea, with a great capacity of data
storage and facility of access, the maintenance of the old machines to read
it will cost more than buying a new one, probably with a new way of data
storage, and so on...

Rizio Bruno Sant'Ana
Biblioteca Mario de Andrade
Rua da Consolacao, 94
01302-000 - Sao Paulo - Brazil

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