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Re: NPR's info on U. of Pa.undergrad lib.,Digital Dark

>From their "About Penn" page at <http://www.upenn.edu/about_penn/>

"In addition to being Philadelphia's largest private employer,..."

You're confusing it with Penn State...

Sorry Pal.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Don Rash wrote:

> Peter Verheyen wrote:
> > It's NOT a public library folks. It's a private, elite, research
> > university.
> >
> > They have the resources and infrastructure.
> >
> You're right; it's not a public library. But it is a State University, and
> thus (seems to me) should be accessible to the funding agency: the
> taxpayers of PA.
> Hate to disagree with ya...
> Don Rash

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