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Re: NPR's info on U. of Pa.undergrad lib.,Digital Dark

Thanks to Peter and Ray for setting me straight about the difference between U.
of Penn and Penn State. Since I an annual freelance job for one of them you'd
think I could tell them apart....

I want to add a personal corroboration to Laurie's post:

Laurie O'Brien wrote:

> I must have had a vastly different graduate school and undergraduate
> experience. No "undergrad" libraries is my experience at all. Certainly large
> universities have specialized libraries in many cases, but the undergrads
> aren't sent off to some lesser class of a library. And as a writer and English
> professor, I think open stacks are the backbone of a wide-ranging intellectual
> life. You go in search of certain things, you find much more when you look at
> the books. I, for one, would hate a system that restricted me in anyway from
> seeing all the books. Doesn't mean online inof isn't very helpfull/necessary.
> Just no good reason to keep people away from books.
> Laurie O'Brien

As a U. of Del undergraduate searching for calligraphy books I discovered the
rest of the book arts down in the Z's. That would probably not have happened
without the ability to browse the stacks. On the other hand, I might have a real
job now...

Don Rash

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