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Re: Paste paper patterns on Tyvek

In a message dated 2/18/99 5:03:15 AM, steiner@IPROLINK.CO.NZ writes:

<<You can mix the paint into the paste in small containers,and then paint
it onto the Tyvek, then make the patterns with combs, or fingers, etc;
or you can cover the Tyvek with the paste before adding the colour, and
mix the colour into the paste on the Tyvek ready to make the patterns. I
prefer the first method.
 Anotherkind of pattern is created if you just apply the coloured paste
to the Tyvek, quite liberally with a brush, then turn it all face down
on a sheet of glass, or place another piece of Tyvek on top, rub your
hands over to get a good contact, then peel the top Tyve>>

thank you for the information!!

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