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Intellectual Dark Ages

I have been dipping into this exchange on e/archivability and I find myself
bemused by the belief, implicitly expressed, that it's possible to predict
the future. Closely tied is the  collateral fact of our inability to
predict the present. Our best efforts to pretend that we know the languages
and syntax of future speakers of any culture - and technology is only one
culture - will prove futile at worst and a lucky guess at best.

Perhaps the only certain guarantee of archivability is quality. Those works
of art and science that remain icons along the paths of our different
cultures, will be treasured and, thus, protected to the maximum. They will
be lost and found; they will be untranslatable then yield their gifts to
the dedication and passion of an artist whose culture and language we can
only dream of. They will become legends that are passed from one generation
to the next.

Make something beautiful and worthy. It will be remembered.

Jim Wintner

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