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Re: Supplies catalogs

Here are some suppliers of adhesives and other supplies-

"Sobo" brand PVA      1-800-397-1270, Craftex Co.

Ernest Schaefer, Inc.  Most Bookbinding supplies
                                 And the most inexpensive source for great
                                 Hot Flexible (animal glue)
                                 Cold Flexible (PVA) regular and "AcidpHree"
Ernest Schaefer can be a snippy bunch but if one can get past their prima
donna attitude their materials are worth it.
                                  731 Lehigh Ave
                                  Union, N.J.  07083-7626

Hot Melt Animal Glue, American Gelatin Co.
                                 20 Charing Cross Road
                                 Charleston, S. Carolina 29407

-----Original Message-----
From: Ed Greenman <greene@ITIS.COM>
Date: Sunday, February 21, 1999 4:52 PM
Subject: Supplies catalogs

>I am new to making books and would like to look at some catalogs of papers,
>adhesives, fabrics, boards, tools, etc.  Are there any good catalogs I can
>get for materials like these, and if so, do you know the addresses and/or
>phone numbers for them?
>Thanks in advance.

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