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Re: Supplies catalogs

Ed Greenman wrote:

I am new to making books and would like to look at some catalogs of
papers, adhesives, fabrics, boards, tools, etc.  Are there any good
catalogs I can get for materials.

Suppliers I use regularly include:

1. BookMakers and Gaylord (addresses, phone numbers given in earlier
postings)  Good suppliers.

2. Bookbinders Warehouse
   31 Division Street
   Keyport, NJ 07735

   (732) 364-0306

BBW joined BookMakers nearly a year ago, but they were maintaining the
NJ location when I last checked. Always very good to work with.

3. Colophon Book Arts Supply
   3046 Hogum Bay Road, NE
   Olympia, WA  98506

   (360) 459-2940

A small inventory of some very nice cloths.

4. Gane Bros & Lane, Inc.

Five-yard minimum; call for sample sheets (free) and price quotes.

5. Talas
   568 Broadway
   New York, NY  10012

   (212) 219-0770

All of these take credit cards, except possibly Colophon (they have
always invoiced me).  There were a few other suppliers listed in a
similar exchange posted in January.

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