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Re: Vaguely musty odour

I am working on an altered book project.  I found the perfect book in a
thrift store.  It was published in 1972.
Now that I have it at home, I notice a faint musty smell coming from the
book when I open it.  This worries me.
The smell is very faint, but it is there.
The altered book project is a collaboration of a number of artists.  It
will be a work of art whan complete, so if at all possible I don't want it
to disintigrate, or for our work to be attacked by some bacteria or
organism or whatever.
Is there any way of dealing with this problem?  Will it get worse?  Can I
use this book (which is ideal) or should I find another?  What causes this
smell in the first place?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I need to get started on the
I don't think that I will be able to find such a perfect book for this
Thank you,
Laura Tompkins

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