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My first edition...

Hi friends,
It has taken me somewhat by surprise to find myself in the midst of planning
my first edition.  I mean...me?  The queen of the one-offs?  :)  But an idea
has taken root in my mind and no amount of shaking will make it go
away....is that how an edition starts?

Now that I have accepted the fact that this is something I MUST do to have a
modicum of mental peace, I find myself with some questions.  I am hoping
that those of you more experienced with the production of multiples will
help me as I limp along.

It all started with some artwork that I have been doing.  The art has
supplied me with its own text as I work.....in other words....the assemblage
of these images has evoked words in my mind.....and I have taken the time to
write them down.  The more I work with the images...the more words come.  It
is indeed strange how this is happening...when doing the one-offs it has
always been the other way around....the words come first and then the

I have four pieces of artwork done....and ideas flooding my mind for more.
These pieces have been assembled in an odd way....cut and paste of images
and using a letrajet and tria markers for color.

My first question is a simple one I imagine...but none the less I shall ask

If I were to reproduce these colored images what would be the best way to
undertake it in multiples?

I am stubborn and pig headed...and have it set in my head that perhaps it is
something that I could undertake on the computer equipment that I have
surrounding me.  I like the idea of having so much control by doing it all
on my own...with the equipment and resources I have....but I also realize
that there are probably plenty of "more professional" options available...of
which I have little or no knowledge.

So if you were me....just sticking your toe into the world of
editioning....and needed to have good color reproduction done...what would
you do?

If it is feasible to produce these on inkjet....what sort of media should I

What are the benefits/drawbacks of reproducing these myself?

If I were to have them professionally printed....what do I need to know?
What questions should I ask?...what should I be prepared for when walking
into a professional print shop?

Can I do the layout on my equipment, and then take it to a printer?  Or do I
have to work "through" them?

What sort of print shop should I be looking for?

Could someone describe the process?

Will they even deal with a small project of an edition of 50?

RE:  the edition itself.

How does one determine edition size?  Do you just randomly pick a number to
start with like 50?  A number that you feel comfortable with undertaking?

What happens if the edition is successful and you need to make more?   A
second edition?

Does doing a second edition diminish the "value" of the first?  Is the
second edition of less value...because it is a "second edition"?

As you can see....I have more questions than a trivia game...and I apologize
in advance for flooding all of you with them.  This idea has taken over
every waking moment of my life and I have a feeling if I don't start
soon....I will be lost in it.  I welcome any and all comments, advice and
knowledge you can share with me.

Missy Hatalsky
Book and Paper Arts Studio
Sharon Springs, NY

Please visit my  hand bound journals and
art card gallery at:

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