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book editioning


Books are started in different ways with different designers. Sometimes I
start with a nifty title, or a "theme" idea. Often someone will bring me a
text and I have to decide on the illustrations next.=20

I layout, typeset and print from a program called Corel Draw 8. That and
Fractal Design Painter 5 and Photoshop 4 are all the programs I use to
design and produce limited editions. I print on an Epson Sylus 850 inkjet.
You have to remember, the final output is only as good as your printer. All
you have is the cost of the ink cartridge and the paper. You get it done in
your own time and don't have to 'splain it to anyone. It also depends upon
what kinds of illustrations you're planning on. It's perfectly acceptable
to print illustrations on "good" paper (that is, art paper as opposed to
text paper) and tip them in place at the last. =20

I pick the number of an edition by how much I can stand. Of course, if
you're working for someone else, you have their decidion to consider on
this point.
Also, you must think of how and where you're going to sell these books. Who
are they for, and who is going to pay how much for one. This leads you to
the answer of how many in an edition too.

I've never been able to decide what the price of a second edition should
be. The only times I've had to specify, I've made it the same price as the
But I wouldn't worry too much about a second edition, until you've got a
few firsts under your belt. I do about three editions a year - and have for
about 18 years. I've only done second editions twice. Mainly, I've got a
pretty good handle on just how many I can sell and don't produce too many
over that number. Then I don't have boxes of remainders sitting in my
studio. I find that I have many more ideas for new books that I want to
pursue. Repeating an edition, to me, is BORING!

If you're doing only an edition of 50 to 100, it's easy to do it yourself.
And much more economical than taking it to a printer.=20

Hope this helps.



Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.           =20
Pat Baldwin
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Bisbee AZ 85603
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