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Re: guillotine info wanted


I can't say anything about the Jacques cuter; however, I recently purchased
a Chandler and Price Guillotine 19" in good condition.  ( I wouldn't say
mint by a long shot... But it cuts cleanly and after doing a bit of clean up
and what not I am happy.  The only thing I didn't like was getting it up the
steps into my studio!!  I paid $250(US) for it.

BTW, I was cautioned by an instructor NOT to cut board with a Guillotine:
they should be used for paper only.  Board has too many lumps and bumpy
things that might nick the blade.  Could this fall under the heading of
"urban legend"?  I don't know but for now I'll play it safe.

Hal Faulkner


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Subject: guillotine info wanted

Can anyone out there give me a ballpark figure on the worth of a Jacques
guilllotine board cutter, throat measures 14 1/2 and length is 23. It's in
mint condition, has safety catch on arm, newly sharpened blade,small brass
plate on front says John Jacques and Son, Worcester, Mass. Thanks for any
The Vixen Press

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