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Re: guillotine info wanted

Caryl, are looking for a Guillotine or a boardcutter

 First: Is the item offered a Boardcutter, manufactured by Jaques, because
technically -if that matters to you - that is a scissors cut.

If it a Guillotine, there a blade cuts towards a cutting stick imbedded into
a table with the means of mechanical devices and motion, that is a knife

A Guillotine is quite different from a Boardcutter.

If you intend to cut sheets of paper and board one by one, I would assume
you like to buy a boardcutter.

If you intend to cut stacks of paper and trim the edges of books you want to
buy a guillotine.

Cutting board on a guillotine dulls your blade so quickly that it would cost
you about 17.00 $ a week to have your blade sharpened constantly, aside from
the need of having a second bladefor the time your blade is in the
sharpener's shop.

As for pricing:

Small GUILLOTINES are sometimes desireable by Hobbyists etc., I've seen them
250.00 $ to 1200.00 $ for a real nifty one.
But than I paid for my Challenge 32" 150.00$, ( still had to clean up all
the rust and but it back in order, took my 3 months about - but now it's a
fine Guillotine.)

For a small Boardcutter, about 24" or a bit larger , I would expect to pau
about 1200 - 2000.00., pending on the condition.

-----Original Message-----
From: Caryl Seidenberg <Caryl360@AOL.COM>
Date: Thursday, February 25, 1999 1:31 AM
Subject: guillotine info wanted

>Can anyone out there give me a ballpark figure on the worth of a Jacques
>guilllotine board cutter, throat measures 14 1/2 and length is 23. It's in
>mint condition, has safety catch on arm, newly sharpened blade,small brass
>plate on front says John Jacques and Son, Worcester, Mass. Thanks for any
>The Vixen Press

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