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Re: guillotine info wanted

Oooh, I don't think it stuck to my files; at least I hope not. I haven't had any
trouble yet.  I am going to be more observant in the future--you know how many
warnings about viruses that are circulating that are simply not true. It has
made me complacent.

Glad you were able to recover without damage.


Claudia Stall wrote:

> Yeah, I sure did!  I did not open it but it stuck to my files anyway.  I
> followed the attached advice and, so far, no problems.  I rebooted after
> the deletions and it seems OK.  It sure gave me a fright though.
> :| Claudia
> At 05:06 PM 02/25/1999 -0500, you wrote:
> >I received that Happy99 today on this list on this thread from LABA, Inc
> ><liveres@ANET.NET. Fortunately, I recognized it immediately and deleted it.
> >Did anyone else receive it?

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