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Italian L'Infinito exhibit (was Info request on a binder)

Sorry, I can't help with finding the person you are looking for, but I do have a
question about the exhibit.

I know there are people on the list who entered this exhibit.  Since entering, I
have moved and I'm not sure I'm getting all the mail from the sponsoring
organization. As I understand it, the books are being exhibited in Paris. Is
this right? Does anyone know when it ends and when they are shipping the books

I have sent the sponsors a letter and some email telling them of my new address
(and paying my customs duties charges which I got by shipping the book UPS!!!  a
whole story in itself ...) and I have heard absolutely nothing.  I hope the
books haven't been shipped back and the package is sitting cold and lonely on my
old front porch.

Thanks for any info you may have,

 Eric Alstrom

 Hanover, NH

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