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Re: Happy99 -- how do you know you have it? (was RE: guillotine info wanted)

>Lyle - I had the message this morning and got a little trigger happy. I
>deleted wsock32.dll - will I have to reload anything from my windows cd?

The wsock32.dll is your "Winsock" library for your TCP/IP stack.  It
controls access to the Internet for things like News readers and WWW

If you have wsock32.ska, that's a copy of your old wsock32.dll -- rename it
to wsock32.dll.  If you don't, and you're using Windows 95, check your
recycle bin -- you may be able to restore it.  Otherwise, try using the
"repair" option on your Windows CD.

lyle @ quodata . com                            inceptum perage

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