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I'm curious--do other artists find they have to structure their time,
or discipline themselves to get things done or it all just slides?
especially when it can't be the first thing in one's life? do others
create schedules for themselves, and what might that consist of? what
about those of you who are can put that first in their lives? I'd be
interested in hearing from others, either on or off the list.

I ask because I am seeing things slide for myself in that i can't seem
to discipline myself to get work done and it is turning into a vicious
cycle that i am working hard to stop.

an little inspiration was provided to me tonight by Phillip Smith's
discussion of bookness which I found on Peter Verheyen's book arts
links page. excellent discussion, wish I had known aobut it a few
years ago.


It is so very H O T I do not know
how to write it large enough.
-Emily Eden
     from "Up The Country"

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