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Re: discipline


You state my situation exactly.  My paid work takes up every minute that I
have available.  The only way that I generally get any art work done is to
take a workshop; which I do as often as I am able.  I'm jealous of one of
my friends who keeps every Friday free for his studio work.

However, I'm gradually turning around to realizing that there will always
be my work work to do so it really doesn't matter if I try to get
it all done.  Example:  last week end I had a dissertation proposal to
read, exams to make up, exams to grade, etc.  On Sunday I started to pack
up a book to ship for entry into Lilias' book arts exhibition and I was
feeling bad that I had not made a second book that I had been thinking of.
I finally decided that I would work on the book project.  I worked on it
all day and around 9:00 I made a mistake that meant the project would not
be ofthe quality that I wished.  Yes, I was disappointed that I made a
stupid error.  Yes I knew that I still wanted to finish the project in
spite of the mistake--I'd probably be one of the few who would notice the
screw up.  And, best of all, I was very happy to have been making art for
the day.  Yes, the work work waited.  Now, if only I could bottle this
feeling and ability I'd be in great shape.  Oh well, time to finish
another exam...


On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, leil lucy alexander wrote:

> I'm curious--do other artists find they have to structure their time,
> or discipline themselves to get things done or it all just slides?
> especially when it can't be the first thing in one's life? do others
> create schedules for themselves, and what might that consist of? what
> about those of you who are can put that first in their lives? I'd be
> interested in hearing from others, either on or off the list.
> I ask because I am seeing things slide for myself in that i can't seem
> to discipline myself to get work done and it is turning into a vicious
> cycle that i am working hard to stop.
> an little inspiration was provided to me tonight by Phillip Smith's
> discussion of bookness which I found on Peter Verheyen's book arts
> links page. excellent discussion, wish I had known aobut it a few
> years ago.
> leil
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