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Re: discipline

There is no perfect answer to this problem. And it is a common one
(since patrons are hard to find now, and even patronage has its

Twenty years ago Jean Ray Laury wrote a book called The Creative Woman's
Getting-it-all-Together Handbook, which dealt with exactly this dilemma
from the woman's point of view (i.e. balancing family, chores, job, etc.
etc. AND art).  It's still in print--I think Lark publishes it.  Laury
made points of time management and priority, among others.  In other
words--make your art a priority, even if the time available is small,
and reorganize where necessary (!?) to make time.  It's hard and it
requires constant effort.

I am a list-maker and find that when something gets ON THE LIST, it gets
some attention.  And making art as routine as lunch also helps.  We go
to work at the same time everyday--so go to the studio at the same time
every day and do SOMETHING.  If you can't spring an hour--try for half
an hour or 15 minutes or just sit and draw ideas for 5 minutes.  If you
can't do it every day, do it 3 times a week, or once a week.

I too take workshops whenever I can, and we look at artwork anywhere we
travel.  There are people in my life who charge up my creative juices,
and I try to touch base with them regularly.  And I read.  It all helps
keep the day-to-day from taking over entirely.

There are never, ever large blocks of available time in my life, and the
older I get, the busier I get.  But I keep trying.

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