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Re: discipline

Sometimes I think I'm the worst boss I've ever had....but things get done=

on time, or earlier. I turn around all but very huge marbling orders (ove=
400 sheets) within 2 weeks of receiving the orders. In the 80's and early=

90's I was busier than I wanted to be, but hired a helper.....she says I
was the best and most flexible "boss" she ever had.......I was lucky to
find someone good who was as compulsive a worker as I was, but she could
arrange her own schedule. I don't allow myself such flexibility....and
almost never a "sick-day". Sometimes I wonder why!

After renting an outside studio for quite a few years, I moved to a much
larger house and decided to work in the basement. It has it's pros and
cons, but there are household interferences a little too often. One thing=
give myself is permission to not answer the phone if I am marbling, so it=
very hard to reach me before 2:00PM. I get up and start work very early s=
I have most of the afternoon free to tend to the rest of my life. I also
squeeze most of my work into 4 days and usually take Fridays off.

Iris Nevins

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