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Re: discipline

At 10:26 AM -0800 2/26/99, leil lucy alexander wrote:
>I'm curious--do other artists find they have to structure their time,
>or discipline themselves to get things done or it all just slides?

I sense that your inquiry has as much to do with creative block as the
structuring of a work day.

I believe in the 20/80 rule which states that an efficient workplace is
generally 20% productive and 80% not. Any improvement on these numbers and
you're way ahead of the curve. The point is to accept that 100% of your
work time cannot be productive. How you accomplish this depends on your
personality. If you have a passion for what you're doing, the time and
opportunity will always be there.

I'm fortunate to be able to devote my full time to my craft. However, I
think I would burn out very quickly if all I did was work at designing
fonts. What works for me is that I make a point of accepting outside design
projects and spend one day a week visiting libraries and/or bookstores. At
any one time, I have as many as a dozen font designs at all stages of
development. So if I feel blocked with one, I go to another; a design
project or a visit to the library may trigger ideas and benefit this work.
The variety keeps things from being dull. I've structured my work so that I
never have to feel that anything is sliding back. Simply, there are
projects to look forward to. When a project does have a deadline, it then
becomes easy to concentrate on it.

At one time I managed a very large art department and found I spent most of
my time dealing with phone calls, needless interruptions and general
babysitting. When I got home there'd be at least another couple of hours
with more calls and faxes to finish the day. But I always made time to
enjoy my own projects. I've never felt I was a workaholic, simply that I
did as much of what I enjoyed as I could. I always focus on what I'm doing,
whether it's work or play.

So perhaps, an approach for you is to start from scratch, forget the old
"vicious cycles" and keep in mind the proverb that a journey of a 1,000
miles begins with one step.

Best wishes on your road.

Ignacio Frances


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