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Hello Leil

I've found I've had to restructure my discipline strategies every time they
start to slide, which in my terms never fails to mean that I'm overreaching
too disgracefully for my mortal and human capacity.  But I'm also a
compulsive listmaker and there is very little to compare with the feeling of
crossing out an attained deadline.

I started a different regime of discipline after going through Julia
Cameron's _Artist's Way_ which basically taught me that nothing creative
should become a chore - in the short time that I've been freelancing (nearly
3 years), I work out my disciplining strategies in rather an eccentric
fashion (knowing somewhere deep down inside that the worst case scenario
would me my having to get an office job situation for a temporary amount of

I decide at the beginning of a month how much money I'd like to earn  -
realistically - (it is not always as easy as said and done, but it gives me
an incentive with regard to what I need to spend on and the paying jobs that
are out there that I should go for).  I assign myself not more than three
tasks a day - be it to redraft lecture notes, or to brainstorm a new
project, or basically just to spend some time drawing.  By the same token, I
have time which is very strictly for play.  Time to see friends, to go to
movies or the zoo - or whatever.  Time that must be spent creatively but
strictly speaking in an undisciplined sense of creativity.

Finally, I have drawn up a list of goals with deadline dates (if they don't
have deadlines, I make ones - like if they're my own projects, etc).  This
allows me to choose, in order of priority what I must attend to.  When I was
working in a nine-to-five regime as a secretary in an office, it made me
extraordinarily miserable to think of the precious time that I was spending
roleplaying.  I made up for this by carefully (and not putting on too much
pressure) assigning different nights of the week for different things to do.
Obviously family and other issues take priority, but even if it is a lunch
time session once or twice a week, to quietly sit in a book shop or coffee
shop and draw caricatures of the people around you, a sense of discipline
and a terrific sense of achievement and worthiness is possible.

Good luck!

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