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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 26 Feb 1999 to 27 Feb 1999

In a message dated 2/28/99 12:12:25 AM, you wrote:

<<But I'm also a compulsive listmaker and there is very little to compare with
the feeling of crossing out an attained deadline.>>

Can't agree more.  As an almost full-time artist, I make volumous lists which
both remind me of the odds 'n ends that need to get done (and would be
forgotten since the book I am working on is by far more interesting) AND, to
put the otherwise nagging reminder somewhere other than in my head so that I
CAN work well. And, for me, deadlines help.
I notice days when I do everything on the list besides get down to the studio
- (I am one of those artists that LOVE living in the same building as the
studio...)- those days are usually connected to bad weather and paper
production as I hate making paper when its cold...For me, the important factor
is to consistently do my artwork and my efforts are now more on figuring out
how to not feel bad when I can't meet my expectations...the day per week in
the bookstores sounds like bliss - I commend anyone who manages that!  I go
each week to a museum, but onlyu for several hours  - usually in the evening
as there's always one open (and free) each evening here in NY.
PS: Your artwork should be one of the items at the top of the list not the
- Robbin Ami Silverberg
 Dobbin Mill/ Dobbin Books

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