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Re: discipline

Monday through Friday there are two things I do every day no excuses.

One is walk my daughter to and from school. It is a time to be alone and
talk with her, observe nature, etc. (I am thankful I live close enough, and
in an area rural enough to do so)

Two: I spend one to two hours in the studio, alone, creating, doing new
things, experimenting, etc. etc.

It has taken me years to realize that if I turn off the ringer on the phone
and let the machine do the answering, if I am not doing the required work
(read customers projects), and if I am simply not available for that period
two remarkable things happen.

One: To my knowledge my business has never suffered. I do not lose
customers, no one gets mad, and my assistants, when they are here, do a
perfectly good job of handling things, even problems with out my being

Two: All my work gets better and better. I am able to work faster and more
efficiently on the things that have to be done. Not just because I have
found through my creative time better ways to do things. But also because I
am not anxious and distracted because "I am not being creative". And its
quality improves as well.

All in all I get more done in less time. I get my own "personal" time in and
I spend time with my daughter. It is hard to do. One is always tempted to
forego something, to make the sacrifice of personal time or family but
sticking to it really does work.

By the way this all strarted one day because one day as I was rushing my
daughter, then four, out the door to pre-school she said: "Dad I know why
you are always late.......... You have a watch."

Have a good one

Kurt Klappenbach
Loud Creek Books & Bindery
P.O. Box 405
Ballentine, SC    29002

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