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Re: discipline

Just 2 cents worth:
Yes, - dealines are essential to getting things accomplished, IMHO (in my humble
My most successful artist friend gets up with the sun, and after
a good hearty breakfast, she becomes incommundicado from 8am - 5pm. No phones,
no doorbells answered...as if she were working in an office removed from
her home.  An accountant comes once a week and does all the books; a  hired
artistic helper does  a lot of rote work and framing, paid by the piece,
(and nothing is accepted unless perfect); a minimum wage person comes in 4
hours a day and does cleaning, takes stuff to the post office & picks up,
buys food & cooks the main evening meal before leaving.
My friend grosses $200,000 per year on her artwork. She nets clear, however, @
$60,000.  All her trips are written off; and her books are so perfect that
an  IRS audit fined her less than $100 one year....a great loss to the US
gov't !  She spends quite a few evenings per month writing up grant proposals
and has had her designs implemented in both government and private buildings.
She finds it more profitable to do the design and then hire other artists
to implement it so she can go on to another project.

It takes guts, determination, hard work and, actually, a kind of self denial
that is repugnant to most of us.

Sorry this turned into 4 cents worth.



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