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Tomorrow's Light Age

Sorry Peter!  Sorry folks!  I've been so busy I saved all the Digital
Darkage stuff sent in to the list... and just now spent over an hour
perusing it all.
It may have been boring to some, but it is really appropos to all communication,
even artist's books ( and their historical preservation).

You've probably read that at a low temperature lab "they" ( the scientists )
have  recently sent a laser beam through sodium ions cooled to a billionth
of a degree above absolute zero and have actually slowed down the speed of
light (!) to under fifty miles an hour,  ( it, up to now, has been a
constant of 186,000 miles per second)....and they think that it can be
slowed even further.

This has to be one of the greatest of scientific discoveries, and in time,
bet you a zillion, it will lead to technologies which will make CD's
and all our present  20th century gadgets look like buggy whips.

And now, ................. on to more bookie topics ?

Lilias,  at Saltwinds Yankee Barn Workshop

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